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Happy faces

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. Everyone also has the ability to help in someway or another. We are glad and thankful to have been of help at Asylum Center Almere for the past few weeks to set up regular music classes for the children.

Refugee children are among the most vulnerable of the 1.6 million refugees and migrants who reached Europe via the Mediterranean in 2014-16, fleeing the war in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, as well as conflicts and poverty in Africa. They deserve all the help they can get and with the music lessons we've set up we've tried to help them overcome the emotional, linguistic, academic and social challenges of adapting to their new home and ofcourse simply put smiles on their faces.

We are moving on to our next location and made sure next Monday Diego and Pitan will be there for the kids. Saying goodbye was very hard but we know they are in good hands and the music lessons will continue when we move on to our next camp on the route.

Stay tuned.

Ps: look at all these cuties. We've grown so fond of all of them.

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