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Bram at age 27 still has difficulty tying his shoelaces. Thank goodness he is darn good at other things such as composing songs, playing bassguitar, singing and teaching music to children. And that's exactly what he wanted to do. So he teamed up with Annabel, who has no problem at all tying her shoelaces. Composing songs isn't really her forté. However, she's darn good at photography and working with children.  What a team. ;)

The two of them left Amsterdam in September 2017 and are currently on the road driving from one camp to the next teaching music to refugeechildren in Greece. They believe in the power of music. Making music together creates a social environment that can help remove the feeling of loneliness. It stimulates the listening skills, increases self-confidence and creates solidarity. 

"We believe that we could conceive a better and more peaceful world, with respect for the dignity and the rights of people everywhere, through the education of children as a starting point." 

Bram and Annabel.

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